Georg Jensen

The Georg Jensen brand, which has more than 100 years of history behind it, represents high-quality workmanship and timelessly aesthetic design with its lifestyle products such as household items, watches, jewellery and furnishings.

According to the philosophy of the company founder Georg Jensen, the company aims to create democratic design that combines functionality and beauty. His skilled craftsmanship and artistic talent along with his ability of recognising and supporting talented designers formed the basis for founding the company Georg Jensen 1904 in Copenhagen.

Georg Jensen’s style was based on the curves of Art Nouveau, which was in style at the time, but enriched them with an unmistakable dynamism that continues to be effective to this day. His luxuriously formed ornaments supplement the serenely flowing forms and his stylised bouquets of flowers and lavish bunches of grapes convey his sensuous delight in nature. We consider it our most important task to continue the principles of the master and apply them to modern design.