Progressive tradition

When meticulous craftsmanship meets precise engineering and timeless design in order to make a statement on the wearer’s wrist, the result is Swiss watchmaking art. Since 1868, IWC Schaffhausen has been an important part of the world of mechanical timepieces, with an unmatched instinct for classic aesthetics and modern spirit.

The charm of the unusual site in Schaffhausen and the technical ingenuity are incorporated into the collections of the Swiss watchmaker and have made it one of the world’s leading brands in the luxury watch segment. IWC is synonymous with masterpieces in technology and development the world over. ‘Probus Scafusia’ means roughly ‘time-tested quality from Schaffhausen’ and captures the philosophy of a luminary in the watchmaker’s art. Alongside the highest quality benchmarks and design standards, the skilled IWC engineers and designers have mastered the fine art of using perfect craftsmanship and innovative passion to create technical masterpieces.

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Watch families

In the late 1930s, two Portuguese merchants commissioned IWC to make watches with the
In 1936, IWC launched the first watch specifically for pilots. This was followed four years later
In 1984 IWC launched a sleek pocket-watch-style wristwatch that was based on a Lépine
Da Vinci
In 1969 IWC launched the Da Vinci – the first watch with a quartz movement, which the Schaffhausen
With underwater diving increasing in popularity, the watchmaker launched the first Aquatimer watch in
Even the first ever Ingenieur impressed watch enthusiasts with its Pellaton system, which is wound on both sides