Thomas Frieden

Are you looking for something unique, special, genuine? Immerse yourself in the world of the THOMAS FRIEDEN brand and experience the magic of the collections ‘FeuilleDivine’ and ‘Oeil Magique’!

Drawing inspiration from its roots, respecting the tradition of the art and yet still moving with the times: for all generations of Frieden, creativity and innovation have been the basis of exceptional creations for decades.

Evoking emotions through aesthetics and authenticity, combining art and craftsmanship to form a complete integrated work; perfect forms and exclusive materials give rise to a feeling of great harmony and give the jewels of the Thomas Frieden brand an unmistakable identity. The diamond, the king of the gemstones, is celebrated in an entirely new way: presenting itself in all its forms in extravagant designs that merge tradition and modern trends in a unique fashion.