Our services

Watch atelier

Cutting-edge technology for you.

Our watchmakers are trained specialists. With continuous training and participation in various training programmes, we are always able to handle your watch with the necessary care and professionalism. We will gladly provide you with an individual quotation for the work you need done on your wristwatch, pocket watch or clock.

Repairs & adjustments

Goldsmiths, creative for you

As we collaborate closely with our experienced goldsmiths, we are able to offer our usual high service standards for jewellery repairs, alterations and new creations. See the craftsmanship we offer for yourself and make your dreams come true. Our sales staff will be happy to assist you!


Determining the value – for insurance

As the coverage of conventional contents insurance is not sufficient in most cases, we recommend taking out jewellery insurance. To provide this type of insurance cover for your jewellery and watches, most insurance companies require a valuation. This is a service that we naturally want to be able to provide for our customers. You can arrange an appointment with us and bring your jewellery and watches, and we will, to the best of our knowledge and judgement, put together a list documented with images with all the information that would be required to buy a replacement.

For an inheritance

It is understandable that the emotional value of your father’s pocket watch or your grandmother’s engagement ring cannot always be expressed in monetary terms. With our inheritance valuation we make it easier for you to divide up your legacies fairly and guarantee an objective evaluation.