Erwin Sattler

54 years after its founding in 1958, the small family company ‘Erwin Sattler Stiluhren’ has gone on to become an enterprise with international operations. Thanks to the continuous general quality improvements, especially in the past 10 years, and the ‘precision pendulum clocks’ product line that is maintained with particular care, Sattler is now practically unrivalled.

Sattler does not simply produce clocks. The company manufactures furnishing objects that can become the visual centrepiece of an office or living space.

For this reason, the workshops in Gräfelfing, near Munich, are not only committed to meticulous workmanship and extreme precision – the aesthetics of the elegant timepieces are an equally high priority.

A Sattler clock should not only display the time accurately, but also please the eye. The long development chain from the first draft of the clockwork mechanism to completion in our workshops therefore represents a balanced synthesis of cutting-edge production technology and centuries-old craftsmanship.

This alone ensures that a Sattler clock will meet our, and more importantly your, discerning expectations down to the last detail. Even in the manufacture of the ‘ébauche’, we use the latest computer-controlled production centres. Their precision tools work with precision down to one hundredth of a millimetre. Tolerances exceeding this are not accepted.

The following precision work relies on the extensive skills and capabilities of our experienced clock-makers.

It was with this philosophy that Erwin Sattler’s dream came true – that the precision pendulum clocks made lovingly on a small scale by the artisan producer in Gräfelfing would make their way up the hierarchy to become the best products available in this sector. In keeping with this vision, Erwin Sattler Munich has built ‘clocks for generations’ for almost 50 years that even the company’s executives and workforce are happy to purchase.