Craftsmanship is taken very seriously at the Frieden jewellery atelier: designers, goldsmiths, gemstone setters and gem cutters are specialists in their fields with a refined sense for shapes and colours. Exclusivity applies not only to the design but also to the selection of materials. Examples include DIAMAS, the unique jewellery line with unpolished diamonds, RIVIERE, the collection with choice sparkling jewellery, and RAINBOW, the exclusive collection with pastel-coloured sapphires from Madagascar and special clasps.

Creating custom pieces to customers’ specifications is a delight for Frieden, and also an opportunity – there is a good reason why the company has added the words ‘Creative Design’ to its name.

Thomas Frieden, René Lauper and Karl Vogler are gemologists G.G. GIA/FGA and gemstone experts with the Swiss Gemmological Society (SGG). Paired with their specialist know-how, the profound understanding of the markets is acquired and constantly intensified on purchasing trips to the places where gemstones and cultured pearls originate. In this way, Frieden has established itself over the decades on the gemstone and cultured pearl market as well as in the manufacture of jewellery and has become one of Switzerland’s main importers of pearls.