Hermann Bauer

The artisan silverware producer Hermann Bauer brings silver and art together. And not as bulky art objects, but as the finishing touch in items that are commonly used in daily life or that simply make life more pleasurable.

It is the unique physical and chemical properties of silver that make it so popular as a raw material – not to mention its visual qualities. Company founder Hermann Bauer, born near Heilbronn in 1833, proved to be skilled in putting these properties to creative use. Even as a steel-engraving apprentice, he was more talented than the others, and he strengthened his abilities during stays in Holland, London and Paris and founded his own silverware atelier in 1863.

Unique custom pieces
He became well-known because of his Renaissance jewellery, which was most famously worn by Olga Queen of Württemberg, earning him the title Renaissance Bauer. But instead of being satisfied with these merits, the resourceful silver artist continued to expand his product range. In the 1890s, small silverware pieces were made – a tradition that the company still upholds to this day.

The centrepiece of the current collection is picture frames made from 925 sterling silver, in various shapes and weights, that form an elegant and sophisticated encasement for special pictures or photos. These frames are not the only product that will delight connoisseurs of the precious metal with their beauty, however. The knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and the appreciation for quality, material and production techniques among the workers at the traditional Swabian company in Gmünd are what guarantees high-quality products.

Far-removed from industrially mass-produced goods, in this way unique individual pieces are created with timeless charm – often with lovingly maintained historical techniques. Whether it’s money clips, bookmarks, letter openers or small containers for tablets – golfers, chamois and squirrels decorate wine corks, oval or round napkin rings embellish serviettes and the broad spectrum of shapely utensils ranges from the sugar fork to the tea infuser.

Combinations with cut glass
Over its 150 years of tradition, the Swabian company has developed from purely artistic jewellery creation to a high-quality silverware atelier with classically timeless design, and one of the outcomes of this are its everyday utensils in form of butter dishes, glasses and bowls. These cut-glass items have a ring made of silver as their finishing touch. Particularly stunning examples of this are the carafes and decanters with a variety of volumes and in an assortment of shapes. Even when empty, they are decorative ornaments in their own right, no less than the multi-sided cubes or fine trays for holding a good cigar.