Ole Lynggaard

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen was founded by the Danish goldsmith Ole Lynggaard in 1963. Following his studies and several years spent abroad, he returned to Denmark, where he bought a small workshop – the beginning of the luxury brand that we know today.

The daughter Charlotte Lynggaard, like her father a trained designer and goldsmith, has designed jewellery alongside her father since 1992 at the family company, which is presided over by the son Søren Lynggaard as executive director and where Charlotte’s husband Michel Normann has worked as CCO since 2006.

The family company has earned a reputation as a luxury brand of premium quality and ground-breaking design over the past 49 years – in Scandinavia and in other parts of the world.

In close collaboration with the large workforce, the company strives every day to create unique jewellery with high internal standards for quality and design. This jewellery is marketed worldwide and is a delight for women of any age.